The good and bad on my computer

A while back, I engaged in a bit of a rant against Fluid and their program “Dundjinni.”  The problem, in short, was that updates with Java had rendered their program inoperable for the better part of a year.    Well recently the released a patch which theoretically fixes the problem.  I downloaded the patch, but discovered a whole new set of problems with Dundjinni.  This time, however, I took the problem to Fluid, who went ahead and (after validating I had a legal copy) gave me a whole new download of Dundjinni which works great.  If you’ve got Dundjinni and are having problems, Fluid was actually very polite and helpful to deal with.

On the downside, if you’ve been checking here the past couple of days you’ll have noticed that I’m going through another “let’s check out lots of different themes” phase.  To be honest, I actually wish WordPress would release some new designs, especially one that isn’t a) black or b) fussy.  I like Blogger’s themes, but I recently discovered that “strangevistas,” “strangeliving,” “strangegames,” and “Witterquick”–all names I’d want to use–are taken.  I’m not linking to them because I want to save you from a) a demented meth addict, b) a missionary in China, c) an empty blog, and d) the most boring blog I’ve ever seen, in that order.  Actually the missionary is kind of interesting, but really off topic.  Short version: even if I was interested in getting an easier-to-modify blogger account, I can’t get any of the names I want, at least ones that I’ve built up my own identity around.  That means starting from scratch, and for that hassle I might as well stay here and perhaps plump sometime for the CSS Upgrade.  Until then, I’ll probably continue bouncing the layout again for a while, until I find something I can live with.

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