Small Gothic House: finished!

It’s nice to get another one in the “completed” column (you’ll note I’ve added a scorecard on the side just so it can constantly shame me into getting stuff done).

For this house, I decided to add a base to increase stability and make it harder to break. I used a piece of MDF board, added sand texture, and primed it black. Then, rather than do cast plaster floor tiles (which would either raise the windows up 1/4″ or have to be sanded to fit inside the walls), I freehand painted on a stone design. Then I painted the sand brown and tan and glued on the building.

Once the glue had dried, I did a faint watered-down black wash for some weathering, and then added flock.

I really like the way this one came out–certainly a lot better than the earlier one it looked like. Next, however, I need to work on those orcs and finish the Descent set.

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