Descent Set: finished!

I’ve been working on this one for a long time, so long that I’ve already begun considering replacing it.  But, before I did that, I need to see this one through. It’s made with molds #201 and #205 from Hirst Arts.  The pieces are based on taskboard, which is rather expensive but cuts easily and appears to resist warping.  It’s also fairly lightweight.

I don’t play Descent, but like Bruce Hirst’s model (using the cavern molds) as a way to have a modular dungeon without walls blocking players’ views or scraping the points off of weapon tips.  I may put some dense craft foam on the bottom as an added protection for the set.

One comment

  1. Looks fantastic! Great job.

    Are you trying to protect the set or the table it rests upon? If the latter, why not just some felt?

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