The Orc Warboss (and the Warband completed)

I finally finished the last of the 300 pt. Orc Warband, a Orc Big Boss.

Orc Warboss
Orc Warboss

He’s essentially the champion from the old Warhammer box set with a Mordheim wolfskin cape and a mask made from the standard top.  Not a difficult conversion, but I think it turned out well.  Like all the other figures in the warband, he uses the same color scheme, including the red horns.  In retrospect I would probably like to give him a second weapon, but we’re not WYSIWYG in my gaming group.

Here’s a shot of the whole warband.

The Orc Warband
The Orc Warband

It tips the scales at 294 pts.  At this point in the Warband campaign we’ve increased the army size to 400 points, so I added a few (unpainted) figures to each unit and a troll.  The troll isn’t there to do a lot of damage; he is there to distract my opponent from the real danger–the chariot.  A chariot doing d6+1 S5 hits on a mini-unit can wipe an army out in a couple of turns, presuming it can get to the other side of the field.

I must confess to a certain amount of satisfaction at finally attaining a goal.  I wanted to get 300 points painted before the end of the campaign, which I’ve done.  I really missed a lot of painting time while on vacation (no regrets) and getting back into the RPG-side of things.  I really like painting, though, and have decided to give up my evening TV-related vegetation and instead head down into the hobby room each evening for one hour to see what I can get done.  I’m not sure I’ll set an “Olley points per month” goal or anything, but I’m hoping that I can be more productive and less brain-rotting sedentary.


  1. Looks like the same Orcs I’m currently painting. The next step after finishing your army is to either make it bigger, or what I enjoy doing, look for an entirely new project which is always fun and satisfying after meeting a goal.

  2. I’m setting aside about an hour a night for painting, but really don’t know what I want to do. I can’t figure out if I want to go back to painting dwarfs, just knock out some small Chainmail warbands, or try to find one thing to do and stick with it for a while.

  3. Thanks for your advice about air-bubbles in Hirst Arts Blocks. I already use the wet-water method with my moulds, but it’s really good to know that I’m doing that bit right.

    I think it’s because we didn’t tap the moulds enough to release air just after pouring. PS – I like the buildings in this picture, and hope to browse round your past posts and get some inspiration for future buildings.

    all the best


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