An “Eternity Project”?

Recently I came across the idea of an “eternity project,” a project where a hobbyist can essentially slowly build up a single army over a matter of  years.  It’s a simple notion to Phil Olley’s mantra about battling butterflies or even the old statement “just pick an era and stick with it.”  It’s different in that with an eternity project you can wander off and then come back to it.  The upside?  You have a really big army.  The downside?  Well, hobby-attention deficit guys like me might find that really difficult.

In many ways, the question of what my “eternity project” might be is also very similar to my “if you were trapped on a desert island” question I posed back when I was on summer vacation.  All that having been said, what could an “eternity project” be?

The top candidate would be dwarfs.  I own a ton of them already, play Warhammer often, and even have a fair number already painted.  Plus, I like playing dwarfs.

Another candidate: Chaos, either for WHFB or 40K.  I own a lot of either (although not the army books).  They have the upside of having a lot of diversity, which could help me from getting bored.

Space marines are another that I have in abundance, have the benefit of being fairly easy to paint, and also don’t take up a lot of minis.  Units of ten marines would be a bit easier to paint than units of twenty dwarfs.

Or, I could go back to projects like my dream of doing a SYW imagi-nation.  No opponent, but with largely a painting project does that matter?

Ah, decisions, decisions…


  1. My eternity project is 1812. I plan on building up a big army of large battalions, 60+ muskets per. It would take years if I focused all my painting on them, but since I’m not it’ll probably take much longer.

  2. Imperial Guard is a force I’ve been working on for about 5 years and 3 codexes. When the project started I wanted 2K each of infantry, tanks, Demon Hunters and super heavy. At least I have 2K-3K worth of fully functional army out of it.

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