More on the Eternity Project

The biggest problem with considering an Eternity Project?  That it is keeping me from starting any new project.

Actually that isn’t entirely true.  I pulled out some old Chaos Space Marines in various state of priming and painting, and started painting the odd Khorne Berserker.  But then on DakkaDakka I read that Games Workshop is considering doing a separate army codex for each of the traitor legions (including, I presume, my Word Bearers).  Now this just chaps my hide because I already don’t own the latest edition of Warhammer 40K (right on the heels of its predecessor), the Chaos Space Marine codex (reputedly a travesty), the Chaos Daemon army codex (useful for Word Bearers), and now I’ll need another army codex on top of that.  What’ll that be, $120?  I could buy a fair-sized WHFB army for that.

Or a decent Warhammer Ancient Battles army, which has kinda been piquing my interest again.  My problem with historical armies has always been finding an opponent.  But mroe and more affordable miniatures, many in plastic, have been getting onto the market.  I don’t know, just something to think about.


  1. “Chaos Space Marine codex (reputedly a travesty)” – everything is relative. While GW removed many (all?) Legion-specific things, if you’re a fluff player, you can still choose your units to represent a Legion.

    To the extent that you’re primarily a Chaos player, the Assault on Black Reach may not be immediately practical, but if you consider all the miniatures to be “free profit” if you sell or trade them with other gamers, then you can keep the mini-rulebook, dice, templates etc. on the cheap. Alternatively, skip the hardback rulebook and pick up a mini-rulebook on eBay or from any friends who are perhaps buying multiples of ‘Black Reach’ and would most likely be throwing away the mini-rulebook.

    If you’re going to wait for the Legion-specific book the obviously don’t bother with the Chaos or Daemon books. But if you want to play a game while waiting, then you’ll probably have to buy one or the other. (Chaos codex has daemons, just not the unique ones in Daemons.

    Unless they go back on their plan, GW isn’t publishing “depends on” books anymore and each codex will be complete and stand-alone. Therefore, you shouldn’t need the Chaos and Daemon books in order to use a Legion book later.

    In summary, $120 is probably on the steep side unless you technically want to own them all anyway.

    Good luck,

  2. Buying the mini-rulebook (seems to run about $10) on eBay is a great idea. I own both the hardback and the mini rulebook for WHFB, and in hindsight realize that the big book is good for the pictures, but there’s nothing really lost in the little one.

    I also realize that I’m a big over-blown regarding the Legion-specific stuff. Given the infrequency that I play, just running a “vanilla” CSM army would actually have very little difference over running a Legion-specific army. That’s especially true considering that the Word Bearer’s legion-specific lists in the past have stressed daemons, of which I own very few.

    Mostly I was feeling belligerent regarding the fact that while most gaming companies are giving away rules for free, or at least offering reduced-cost pdf’s, GW continues to crank out one expensive rulebook after another.

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