The 19th End of the World

This past weekend I was invited down to South Carolina for “EOW” (End of the World), an annual gaming event put together by a friend and some of his friends (the Morrow Project gaming group, for those who keep track).  It is three day of straight gaming using a home-grown gaming system, best described as an offshoot of the old FASA Star Trek RPG: percentiles for stats and skills which don’t necessarily stack and a very simple fine/not fine damage system.  It’s pseudo-old school, and surprisingly flexible in terms of hacking it for whatever genre you want to use.

Day One was a pretty straight-forward sci-fi story of soldiers needing to turn off the alien device causing all the problems while avoiding being chomped to death.  The judge mentioned that he was concerned about the players asking for a fairly realistic piece of hardware that would be the “magic bullet” of solving the primary challenge.  Turns out he had a good reason to fear: one of the player’s requested a portable but effective mortar that would’ve allowed us to shell the alien base at a distance rather than sneaking out way in.  Fortunately he thought on his feet and used some sci-fi shenanigans to take out the mortar.

Day Two was an adventure based on the book Eternity Road, which is some sort of Western-themed post-apocalyptic story.  The adventure story was basically a quest, but featured some great pre-generated PC’s with extensive backstories and inter-party dynamics.  The judge gave me the gunslinger so I would play against type (I tend to do the clever thinking types).  In the end I was gunned down in the epilogue scene by another PC whose brother I apparently killed a while back.  Who knew?

Day Three was my adventure, a sort of pulp-era League of Extraordinary Gentlemen featuring Doc Savage, Tarzan, Tom Swift, Blackhawk, the Shadow, and Fu Manchu.  For those who are true comic geeks, yes that is the group alluded to in The Authority but I’m not bound by copywright and can use them directly instead of making a guy named “Doc Brass” and giving him a hearty dose of late 1990’s graphic novel pathos.  Instead, the game was kind of fun and over the top, a good pick because by day three we were all a little slap-happy.

All told, a great time and I’m glad I went.  Next year we’re hoping to do it in Piqua, which will shave two days off the time off that I took for this event.

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