The 2009 WHFB Campaign

I guess the more accurate title is the “November 2008-2009 Campaign,” but that doesn’t sound as tidy.  In any case, my Warhammer gaming group is about to begin the latest in their campaign cycle and since we just finished a small-army campaign, this one will be a big army campaign.

Or rather, it’ll be a big-getting-smaller campaign, since the theme is a large army facing attrition as it marches towards its final goal.  We’ll be using the new Mighty Empires hex tiles by Games Workshop.  The story: two sides, composed of a team captain and his fellow army generals trying to control the “Lost City.”   The side that gets an army to the city first serves as defender in the final mega-siege battle.  The rules can be found here or in the widget at the bottom of the page.

My role is to be the team captain on the side of “Evil” or “Darkness” or “Spikiness” or whatever.  Vince, my arch-rival, is taking the goody-two-shoes sides captaincy position.  I do not know the composition of the rest of my team; the other players have the chance to sign up on whichever side they want.  That having been said, I’ve been considering the tactics of getting to the city first.  Certain armies are better as attackers rather than defenders in a siege game, especially the “evil” armies such as Chaos and Vampire Counts given their lack of missle weapons.  So I might consider “throwing” the race in order to pick up the Special Terrain Features’ bonuses for the final battle instead.  Stay tuned.

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