The Goblin Shaman (WIP)

I hate having a Friday go by without a photo, but I’m not going to get this guy done today with everything else I have to do.  So here’s a WIP shot.


Night Goblin Shaman
Night Goblin Shaman

I picked him up in the cheap bin at my FLGS.  For those who don’t know, he’s a Night Goblin Shaman miniature by Games Workshop.  I have Orcs for Warhammer, and these guys are always a helpful addition to the army. Alternatively, I may sell him on eBay instead.

You may also note a few changes around here.  I dropped the fairly sterile blog theme for something a little more colorful.  Feel free to tell me if you hate it or not.  I also got rid of most of the categories that posts go into and whittled them down to just the main headings.  I converted the sub-categories to tags, which you can now find in the tag cloud in the sidebar.  Hopefully that’ll help you, the visitor, find the kind of entries that are of interest to you.

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