1. Yes, definitely worth it. I own several… many… lots of RPG books for games I’ve never run, and probably never will run (every single star trek RPG book I own) but it’s still wonderful to have them, and to be able to read them.

  2. It’s funny; I was just in a friend’s comics/game shop (Clfton Comics in Cincinnati) this week and almost picked up both the latest edition of Changeling and 4th ed. Shadowrun, but put them down because the odds of my finding people to play with (or even willing to play a campaign I’ll run) are so low it just wasn’t worth it, which is sad to me, as I used to have a diverse game group (in the sense that we played a lot of different stuff). I did pick up the Saga edition of Star Wars in the hopes of playing/running that, though.

    Having said that, I’d never give away my 2nd ed. WEG Star Wars stuff, or my 2nd ed. Shadowrun stuff, or any of my White Wolf/World of Darkness books.

  3. You know, my gaming group was pretty pissed off that I dropped 2nd Ed. Star Wars (except for one person) but it was this situation where I really wasn’t enjoying running it. The few sessions we had were really crowded and people were being sidelined, and there were some other things going on that were just making it hard (I’ll tell you more later in private). The irony is after putting myself back behind the screen, now I am having a tough time coming up with players at all.

    On another note, I could never do Shadowrun. It just seems like a game that would have either the big planning-types frustrated by jumping into stuff or the hack-and-slashers being frustrated with loads of planning, so basically someone is unhappy all the time.

    I’m hoping for D&D this Sunday (again). So far I’ve got one yes, one “I’ll get there late when I’m done watching the new Star Trek movie.” If it doesn’t work, I may just give up and play Mordheim or start my SYW army or something where I don’t have to keep setting myself up again.

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