And now for something completely different

I rarely, if ever, talk about my life outside of my hobby on this blog.  This is primarily because I didn’t want to clutter it up with stuff of nominal interest to people other than close friends and family like photos of my family’s latest trip to pick berries or whatnot.

But, for those who are interested in the person behind the blog, this is me.  Or rather, this is the work end of my life.  I’m an Episcopal priest, and as part of my parish’s weekly television program on local cable access I do a little segment where people can send in questions.  Those segments are on Youtube, and you can find them here:

Do not fear, you’re not being Rickrolled.

Sometime I’ll be happy to broach the topic of religion and gaming or why can’t I turn undead like in D&D, but that’ll have to wait for another time.

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  1. …I don’t know… being Rickrolled by my priest DOES have a certain devilish charm to it… *laugh*

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