The Gold (Team) Standard

Today was the first session with “Gold Team,” one of the two D&D parties playing in my Silverton sandbox campaign.  I had one member from the other team (“Blue Team”) who was there because his wife, who should be in Blue, hadn’t had a chance to play yet and was playing with Gold.

If that is confusing think of it this way.  Today’s session was four Gold Team members, one experienced Blue member, and one new Blue one.

We had a little trouble with the Blue Team member who had already been through the “intro” session wanting to rush things along so he could get into the action.  I finally had to remind them that Gold Team hadn’t had the chance to ask lots of questions about the primary NPC, even if there wasn’t a lot of clues to uncover right off the bat.

Gold team only got through a couple of encounters, a result of starting an hour late, having to roll up no less than four PC’s (three and one renamed from a Blue Team PC), and of course having to retell the “introductory” scene.

At this point, I’m getting past the kobold/goblin stuff that, frankly, has been the staple of my D&D campaigns for the past six or seven years.  First 3.0, then 3.5, then Castles & Crusades–having never gotten past third level in any of those games, I’ve been stuck seeding my adventures with 1 HD humanoids, skeletons, and the odd dire rat.  Six years.

In a month of two, I’ll be past that and onto a whole manual of monsters to appear in my campaign, and I’ll be kicking all that off with the first major location in my Silverton campaign, the Shrine of the Red Prophet.  I want the Shrine to be a place that’ll really pop, to be more than a tinker-toy flowchart of a dungeon, to have narrative and story and be something they will remember, maybe even come back to.

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