Pondering what to do next

Having completed the ranch house, and with the last of the 40K terrain now on the worktable, my thoughts inevitably go to what to do next.

Under the “terrain” category, I have a few ideas:

  • More ruined fieldstone terrain.  I like the three pieces I did earlier this year, and thought about filling out the set with a few more pieces.
  • Over on TMP someone mentioned doing “flooded city” terrain pieces.  I have some A&K molds that would work for this.  Plus unlike the FS pieces this would actually challenge me to do something different.
  • More of the EOW sci-fi set, which I’ve basically abandoned as being too ambitious a project to complete by October 10th.

Under “miniatures”

  • Painting more Warhammer dwarfs (I have a lot of them left over)
  • Painting some of my Chainmail figures for my D&D campaign
  • Converting some plastic LotR Mordor Orcs I found in the back room into a HOTT army

Under “RPG’s” I’ll continue doing my D&D 4E campaign, but my son is distinctly interested in my starting something with him and his friends.

One comment

  1. I thought if you decide to run a kiddo game. Let him look out your models as ‘his dude’, and then paint it up for him. If you do that for the group, I think they could really get into it.

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