What I am doing next

Sometimes, you just need the right spark to get something going.  In this case, it was my friend Tyler over at The General’s Tent.  He is starting playing WWII along with Napoleonics, and was wanting to put together terrain for his table.

Well, that’s right up my alley, so we talked and I’m going to build a Normandy farmhouse in 28mm scale.  Today I did some research on the relevant architectural styles.  Normandy farmhouses are built using the “golden ratio” which is 1.6, meaning that a farmhouse that is 10″ on wide would be 6.25″ deep.  After making a paper diagram of that, I realized that it would be really large, so I went with 8″ instead.  That works out to be exactly 5″ deep, which is much easier to manage from a construction standpoint.

My plan is to build foamcore walls and floors, then face the outside with bricks cast from Modellers Moulds and Accessories.  For the roof I’ll use Hirst Arts wood shingle mold.  The final piece will have two stories with an accessible interior.

What do I like about this, aside from the fact that I won’t have to house it?  It’s a new time period, and a new building style.  I like the challenge of making something look like the real original but still be viable for a gaming table since a scale would be three feet long.


  1. Erm, I don’t know if Normandy farmhouses were built with the golden ratio. It’s just handy when I don’t have a specific ratio in mind. It tends to be proportionally pleasing.

    Sorry that I was vague on that point.

  2. Hey, no worries. I’m just curious now to see if I intuitively made any of my own terrain by that ratio. I’m less anxious now if I end up fudging any of the distances on the final product.

    Still having fun, so don’t fret.

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