The Project Backlog

John over at Plastic Legions has done a list of all the stuff he’s got to paint.  He asked for other people’s horror stories and, well, here’s mine.

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle Armies

  • Empire: ~2000 points, 100% primed, 40% painted.
  • Hordes of Chaos: ~1800 points, 80% painted
  • Orks and Goblins: ~2400 points, 50% primed, 20% painted
  • Dwarfs: ~3000 points, 30% painted

Chainmail Miniatures

  • Two gnoll starter warbands, one human warband, one orc starter warband painted
  • Two painted ogres, one painted gnoll booster trio (gnoll, tiefling, and howler)
  • Unpainted: two starter human warbands, one elf, orc, and dwarf starter warbands.  Several booster miniature box sets.

Miscellaneous Unpainted minis:

  • ICE Space Ranger box set
  • Several Inquisitor miniatures
  • Wargames Factory zombies
  • LotR Mordor Orcs plastics
  • Wargames Foundry Darkest Africa and American West miniatures

Yikes  yikes  yikes.  Now I have my reasons, like picking up all those Chainmail minis in a super-cheap eBay auction or getting all those WHFB Orcs at 70% off when the gaming store in Greenville, Ohio closed down.

But here’s the thing, I really, really need to be clearing some stuff out of my house.  It’s just piled up and I’m not doing anything with it.  Every once in a while I say to myself, “I should build a HotT Mordor Orc army like Tim did” or “I’ve got enough minis to do a two-person Inquisitor game” I never seem to get around to it.

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