Wait, September has already begun

Okay, as I’ve mentioned in my last entry (and for that matter in several other ones in the past) I am trying to downsize my hobby stuff.  This usually happens after my “hobby switch” has been set on “terrain” for too long.  As it is I’ve gotten rid of several terrain pieces by giving them to friends, etc.  But I’ve got to keep doing hobby stuff mostly to keep me relatively sane and the “RPG” setting isn’t a great one for me to keep the switch on for long periods of time (it just doesn’t seem productive after a while) so I’m shoving the switch over to “miniatures.”

I’m still working on the Normandy farmhouse, although the early attempts at facing the brick walls don’t look all that hot.  I’m also going to finish the last 40K piece for Artemi.  But aside from that, I think I’m going to keep it on “miniatures.”  First they are, well, miniature, meaning that when they’re painted and done, they won’t take up as much space.  Second, as I mentioned earlier today, I’ve got loads of miniatures lying about so I’m not spending money (Frugal Gaming!  Hoody hoo!)

To inspire me I’m adopting a point system similar to the one Phil Olley and Lone Pilgrim use.  You can look over there to see the details but the short version is the rather simplistic

one miniature=one point

I had decided back in August when the Andaville project ended to start up the point count.  So, without further ado:

The eladrin paladin
The eladrin paladin

So, um, one.

This is “Elladan of Silveroak” by Reaper Miniatures, standing in as Addama, the eladrin paladin from my D&D 4E campaign.  Actually, this is one of two miniatures that his player picked out to see which one he likes better.

I think I’m also going to try to rack up a few miniatures at a pop before posting them here, just so I’m not going the “Twitter” thing.  If you want to see each mini as it is painted, head over to Strange Living.

One comment

  1. Suggestion for the Normandy house. Don’t cut the foam out first. Glue your TinyBricks to the foam, and then cut where the TinyBricks are not located.

    I hope this helps you make the build ‘smoother’.

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