Speeding Painting a Chaos Marauder

I decided to try out the speed painting technique (just base coat and then dip in wood varnish) on something a little more complicated, in this case a Chaos Marauder.  Here’s the result:

Where the dwarf women at?  I mean "elf"!  Elf women...
Where the dwarf women at? I mean "elf"! Elf women...

I have to tell you, it surpassed all my expectations.  The paint job was dicey at best, and the varnish covered a lot of sins, not to mention doing a nice “blacklining” job.  I think I’ll speed paint my way through the whole unit, perhaps to use in the upcoming gaming club Warhammer campaign.

Small factoid: I used the Olympic Pecan varnish for the marauder.

Speaking of the gaming club, the first and largest item has sold, and my share is about $110, representing about $85 in profit from my initial investment.  That’s a good start to a New Miniatures and Molds Fund.  The second item is up.  Here’s the link.  It’s for 16 Lizardmen Temple Guard, the OOP metal ones.

One comment

  1. This looks even better when the picture is clicked and zoomed. I especially love the shield.

    I played music in a place a few years ago that featured a lot of these guys. It was in the next county and we didn’t know it was a biker bar.

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