One I don’t need or one I won’t use?

Well, the recently acquired hobby money has been burning a hole in my pocket and while there was one purchase I knew I’d make right off the bat (the Ruined Fieldstone Mold from Hirst Arts) I’m dithering on any future ones.  Two books that are sort in contention against one another is the Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 and the Pathfinder Beastiary.  The DMG2 apparently has more information about building story-based adventures, skill checks, and a different XP system.  The Beastiary is basically the Monster Manual for Pathfinder.  At present, I’m not running Pathfinder unless you count the very rare game for my son and his best friend, a game that rarely makes it to the table but instead turns into them running around outside playing pretend, which is probably better for them anyways.

So, do I waste, I mean “spend” my money on a book that I probably don’t need, being a pretty handy and experienced DM, or on a book for a game I’m not running?  Or should I scrap both of them and do something different (like blow it all on RSM SYW miniatures).  Comments appreciated.

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  1. Hrm. Tough choice. I’d get away from the D&D stuff, only because you know it’s going to be superseded by some other widget sooner rather than later. Sounds like the Pathfinder book is kind of a waste at this time as well.

    I’d hold out for a third choice. I’m sure you don’t need MORE figures to add to your lead mountain, but is there something else you’ve had your eye on recently (or on your list for a while)?

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