Making the hobby work for you, not the other way around

I’ve had a little while to think about my eBay-based hobby fund and I’ve decided to play it a little conservatively.

I bought the Ruined Fieldstone Mold, which I have loved since I borrowed it from my friend Fibble.  I’m going to cast the bejeezus out of that thing once it arrives.

After that, I think I’m just going to wait.  My hobbies exist to give me something to do in the evenings instead of watching NCIS re-runs and to have a reason to gather with my friends two or three times a month.  Right now I’m painting a unit of Chaos Marauders for WHFB that came in the big lot and will be absorbed into my existing WHFB Chaos army.  I’m also still building Coyote’s Normandy Farm house, and will soon be working on some more ruined fieldstone terrain (naturally).  Plus I’m also selling off more of the lot, although I think I’ll soon be reaching the end of what is really worth anything.

In addition, weekends in October are looking a little full with a lot of one-off events that supercede my D&D game.  In fact I’ll be lucky to get a gaming session in this month, which sort of kills the impetus to rush out and get the DMG2.

So here’s my plan.  I’m not going to spend any of the hobby money for a while, but instead wait until the Chaos Marauders are done, which should be two weeks minimum.  At that point I can look at all the different oddball things that I have considered buying and either make a decision or wait some more.  I don’t doubt that I’ll roll through dozens of different options (Field of Glory, Wargames Factory’s Colonial British, etc.) but I really want to avoid the impulse purchases.  After all, at this point I’m pretty set for stuff to do.  Why spend money needlessly and subject myself to possible buyer’s regret?

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  1. That’s likely the best plan. Just sit on it for a little while. Who knows, something cool might just hatch from you patience…

    I mean, it’s not like you NEED more stuff, or you are trying to fill a big hole in an army or something… *laugh*

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