My paint is failing me

I’m usually a black-primer guy for all the reasons miniature painters use black primer: hides mistakes, does the easy blacklining, can paint metallics without another layer, etc.  But lately I’ve been priming in white because the Marauders are fairly brightly colored, being mostly red and flesh colored.  But in the process I’ve discovered that paints that work great over black (like my dark brown and gray paints) look terrible over white.

I use a lot of craft paints for miniatures, because I’m not of the level of painter that really is hampered by the quality issues, but now they are starting to let me down.  When the paint looks bad, I get discouraged and stop painting, or at least let it fall by the wayside for a while.  So now I have two options–really try to work the cheap craft paints or overcome my frugal nature and invest in some decent paints.

My most likely course of action will be to “power through” the last Chaos Marauders (there’s 11 of them left) with the cheap paints, so they all match.  Then, take stock of whatever the next painting project will be, then make the decision.


  1. Painting white is a different sort of beast & changing paints will not help much as many of the hobby paints cover just as poorly. My solution is to work with the coverage properties of the paints – stack the colors one on top of the other. Base – ink – high light. Instead of showing brush marks & flaws, the colors will work together & pass the lower colors up to the top of the surface. I think it makes for a more natural color than a singular block.

    Good inks are worth investing in. GW has a good line, so does Windsor Netwon. Various wood stains will work as the “Dip”. A recipe using art supplies was recently posted to Dakka.

  2. If you email me at mythmere at yahoo dot com, I’ll offer you a partial solution to that frugal gamer issue – I have a product or two on which I’d love to get an independent review!
    Matt Finch

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