Fieldstone 6: the burned hovel

It’s been a long time since I posted something substantive.  I don’t like to burden my hobbyist audience with real life quasi-drama, but suffice to say that my plate has gotten just a bit more full over the past few weeks, and yes it has impacted my hobby time.  I’m still running my RPG on a regular basis, but the evening hobby time is a little pinched.

Anyways, onto other news.   As it turns out, I won the grand prize for the Andaville raffle, a good sized gift card for the Home Depot.  Since it isn’t a gaming-related prize, the field is wide open.  But for now, I’m doing Andadas a favor by throwing together one or two of the pieces for his town that either weren’t taken or were taken but not made.  Ergo, here’s a WIP shot of what I’m doing now, a burned-down peasant farmhouse.


WIP burned down farmhouse

I’ll probably have it done next week.  Stay tuned.



  1. No, this is a different one, just a quick “build in an evening” piece. The Normandy farm house is still on my worktable, slowly being bricked up.

    And thanks, I’ll definitely try to be there for the next session.

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