Warhammer FB AAR: Dwarfs vs. Tomb Kings

It’ll be a little vague, but here’s the AAR on my most recent WHFB  battle: 2000 dwarfs (me) vs. TK (my arch-rival Vince):

My dwarf army list:

  • Lord with runic weapon and armor
  • Thane with Battle Standard
  • Runesmith with two dwarf dispel scrolls
  • 20 Longbeards, CSM
  • 20 Warriors, CSM
  • 20 Warriors, CSM
  • 10 Quarrelers, CSM
  • 10 Thunderers, CSM
  • 10 Miners, CSM
  • Cannon w/Engineer
  • Cannon w/Engineer
  • 7 Trollslayers (just to use up some points)

My opponent (based on what I saw)

  • Tomb King on a Chariot of Fire
  • Hierophant (Icon Bearer)
  • Some hero-level BSB
  • 3 chariots
  • 10 light cavalry
  • ~20 skeleton warriors
  • ~20 heavy infantry
  • 4 swarms
  • Bone Giant

From left to right, I went Warriors, Trollslayers, Quarrelers, Longbeards w/Lord, Cannon, Warriors w/BSB, Thunderers, Cannon.  My plan was to use the Cannon in the center to shell the giant (or the Trollslayers or tooled-up Lord as backup), the Quarrelers and Thunders to whittle away the infantry blocks and just hold up against the two cavalry units which are reputedly pretty lightweight.

Yeah, it didn’t go that way.

Vince ran the chariots up one flank (the warriors) and the cavalry up the other (the cannon).  The swarm took out the trollslayers (ignomiously) and then the giant rolled up on the central warrior unit with the light cav behind as my longbeards were hit by the skellies on the front and the chariots from behind.

And the central cannon exploded on turn two, despite the engineer re-roll.

All told, a crushing defeat that will go in the Book of Grudges.


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