Kingdoms of Hell

A bit ago I backed the Kickstarter for Kingdoms of Hell by Ill Gotten Games. It was a combination of 3D printer files for demon miniatures, some Hell-themed terrain, and in time rules for an RPG and miniatures game.

I was mostly interested in the miniatures, because they looked cool and I wanted to give printing miniatures a try.

Demon Lord
Bloated tormentors and Bloated champion (center)
Barbed tormentors and Barbed champion (center)

I used a profile I found online, but the miniatures still had bits of “fuzz” on them that needed to be cleaned off.

When it comes to printing miniatures, I am of a mixed mind. On on hand, you can print as many as you want, given time and filament. On the other hand, miniatures are super time-intensive and frequently lack good detail. It may be that I just need more practice, but we will see.

Comments welcome.

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