I was a big fan of the original Death Race 2000, and even liked the remake Death Race (and perhaps tolerated several of its sequels). I’ll freely confess that I wasn’t as huge a fan of the “Mad Max” movies (The Road Warrior, etc.) because in hindsight I find Mel Gibson a little hard to take. But I have always liked the idea of demolition derby/automobile combat as a miniatures game. I own Car Wars (including the “booklet” era) and Dark Future, but I always was bummed out that the cars involved were not scaled to Hot Wheels or Matchbox size.

Then came Gaslands, another Osprey wargame out of the same vein as Ronin or Kobolds and Cobblestones (more on that one later) where lightweight rules and an inexpensive rulebook are the way to go. The best part? You use toy cars that you can convert to make your team. The next best part? There are a ton of patterns for plastic weapons for Gaslands on Thingiverse, not to mention terrain, gates, even the movement stencils.

So away I went…

In the game you can field cars, motorcycles, trunks, even helicopters, using a budget of points (called “cans”) with which you both purchase and outfit your vehicles. You can also buy crew upgrades as well. Taking a sponsor also allows you access to certain special abilities as well.

At about a dollar a pop plus some very cheap plastic print jobs, this might be my least expensive miniatures game ever. Hopefully I will get a team or two done and some in-game pictures posted soon.

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