Quaranteam Breakups

So about a month ago I had this brilliant plan to get my RPG fix by starting up a “home game” that would literally be composed of people inside my home: my teenage daughter, my college-age son, and a close friend of the family (also a college student) who lived alone. We had made the decision at the beginning of this COVID-19 nightmare to have this person on our “quaranteam,” the term used to describe your small circle of family and friends with whom you collectively agree to be in safe contact.

Therefore I had a nice, small group of young adults with whom I could launch my first Pathfinder 2E campaign, a reconfigured Ebonwild semi-sandbox (maybe only quarter-sandbox now) setting. We’d play every other week when the kids were with me, and all would be well.

Except for stupidly I failed to grasp that my son and our friend would both be going off to college in the fall, and even though both would be local, their rampant exposure to other young adults, often in unsafe contexts, would exclude them from the quaranteam.

“Oh yeah, I’m off to my junior year of college, brother. Yeeeeah….”

So having roughed out about a dozen adventure sessions, the whole thing may be tabled because the only person who might even vaguely be interested in playing is my daughter, a senior in high school who is wondering how she’s supposed to pick a college this year without being able to visit any.

What I think is a little interesting is that I suspect subconsciously I was planning on not having the two college students go off to school because I deeply believe in-person education will not happen this upcoming academic year, so my only hope for the campaign is a terrible national pandemic, which is kind of screwed up.


  1. Your last mentioned scenario is not too huge of a stretch unfortunately. Or, you know, colleges and universities try for a distance model without reducing tuition costs which really does seem like a stretch. *sigh*. Nice work organizing family into a gaming group though!

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