FDG Phase One: Printing Completed

So Phase One of my Fat Dragon Games modular dungeon has completed the printing phase. My goal was 225 pieces, which at 2″ by 2″ would give me a 30″ by 30″ layout. So Phase One has the following:

72 floor tiles
28 corners
80 wall pieces
12 doors
6 inside corners
1 stair
4 angled walls
2 recessed alcoves
11 pillars
4 curved walls
4 arched doors
1 double door
2 wells
2 large interior pillars

To save you the math, that’s 229 pieces, a few over my goal. The next step is to print the several hundred clips I will need for the set, which hopefully will not take too long. What will take a long time is painting them. Of the 229 pieces, I have only painted 50 of them.

What it all looks like now

Once the clips are done, then I can more onto Phase Two, which involves printing 100 additional tiles with more variations. That total will also get me to 36″ by 36″ as well.

Comments welcome, and thanks for reading!

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