Going back inside

Well, after months of waiting, wearing masks, working from home, etc. the quarantine was lifted in my area and children could go back to summer school.

For about two weeks. Then it all ended and we are back to square one.

I am privately outraged not by the school’s decision, but by the behavior of others that cumulatively led to a huge spike in cases and sent everyone back to their homes. Plans: scuttled.

So while I’m trapped back in the house, it appears to be a good time to print out a fantasy city, I guess, given how much material there is to work with now. Code2 on Patreon is banging out stuff on a monthly basis, and Dark Realms just dropped “City of Corsairs” if you’re looking from something a little less traditional.

And finally Fat Dragon Games released Vallis Mortis, a huge Kickstarter of fantasy city terrain including a lot of interior pieces. They have done village stuff before, but this looks like an upgrade.

So maybe the next big project will be a city for adventurers to relax and explore. Who knows?

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