APAC Crew for Hardwired

From Rezolution by Aberrant Games

I’m still thinking that solo wargaming might be a good way to pass time in quarantine (and given the recent spike in cases, I’m concerned that we might be headed back for a longer run). Hardwired is a simple cyberpunk solo game featuring a small number of “Agents,” basically corporate spies, mercenaries, etc. who are then pitted against a simple AI game mechanic who throws security teams, drones, and robots at them.

The official setting for Hardwired is “New Kowloon,” which got me thinking about APAC, one of the factions for the old cyberpunk skirmish game Rezolution. They have a hard Asian vibe going for them, which seemed appropriate for the setting. The starter set has one hacker (Splicer) in the group, as well as several enforcers that can easily be Ronin or Razors. The Arashi could either be a Sawbones (the medic) or the Shiver (the psychic). I’d like to pad out the group with either more APAC figures or Triad miniatures from the old Urban War game.

Oh yeah, six more miniatures painted for the year…

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