Getting to the end of a big project

A long time ago I started making my first modular dungeon set on my 3D printer using Fat Dragon Games’ designs. I got a ways along on the project, but then started getting distracted (gasp!) by lots of other things, including several different modular dungeon designs (e.g. OpenLock, True Tiles, DungeonWorks, et al).

But every now and then I would circle back and do a few more FDG pieces because while the designs have their shortfalls, there’s something appealing about the system in terms of simplicity and functionality.

When the quarantine began, I used the forced in-home time to work on several things, most shared here. But I also really wanted to use the time not gaming to be ready to have something big on the table when the quarantine lifts. That got me thinking about finally finishing off a decent Fat Dragon Games’ set.

Early on, I thought that 30″ by 30″ would be a pretty impressive start. Roughly speaking, that’s 225 tiles, give or take. Right now, at the time of this writing, I’m at 155 tiles. My hope is that I can at least get the printing part done by the end of the month and start the painting portion of the project. I’ll keep you updated.

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