Operation Last Train: Day 1

Commander Aden Subatai’s desperate plan to rescue as many refugees from the planet Helos has begun. For a first mission, Subatai decided to send a fast-attack rescue team to liberate a small farming commune on the plains of the largest continent. Looking over the volunteers and their respective units, he chose the 72nd Venusian Ranger Regiment. The airborne paratroopers would be perfect for an HALO drop on the farm, and the shuttlecraft Heinlein was prepper for evac.

I used the sample scenario present in the game rules “Day 1.” I don’t have a 2.5′ by 3.5′ gaming mat, so I just used the kitchen island counter in my house. The color looked about right, and besides, this was just me having fun on a day off. The farmhouses were on one short end of the table, while the volunteers came from the other. I had eight volunteers: one with a heavy machine gun, another a flamer, and one communication specialist.

Early game
The volunteers made their way to the middle of the table, having little difficulty shooting the bugs as they went along. The die rolling was surprisingly lucky, with at least four “10’s” coming up.
More aliens were appearing from the spawn point on the volunteer edge, thankfully in the opposite direction from where the volunteers were running.

Mid Game
The volunteers made it to the first of the smaller farmhouse, finding a surprising number of survivors (eight). They quickly moved to the largest farmhouse, but there was only three survivors there.
The bugs began spawning from the point right in the middle of the table in the midst of the volunteers, which made for some stressful moments. Thankfully the flamethrower made short work of them.

Rather than risk the third farmhouse, the volunteers decided to call for the dropship. The presence of the communication specialist helped, and the shuttlecraft was only five inches off target. The volunteers were able to hustle the survivors into the craft just as the bugs were beginning to rush them.
In the end, nine survivors were saved, and no lives were lost, but the bugs were able to have their way with whomever was left in the third house.

This was a fun little game, although I felt that the game benefited from a lot of very lucky die rolling. I’m definitely thinking I need to expand my sci-fi terrain collection, especially small scatter terrain.


  1. That was good fun; a nice short and snappy After Action Report. I commend you for doing a runner when things got fraught. My little men often suffer for my, “Leave No One Behind” attitude.

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