Starting on Isolation Protocol

It’s been a while since I posted, mostly because I’ve caught up on work, vacation, or the election. It’s funny how there is a “sweet spot” in terms of my relaxation and stress level where I can really focus on a hobby as something to enjoy. Too much relaxation and I’m good on my own, too much stress and I can not focus.

Anyways, with lots of possible projects to work on, I decided to go with the recently fulfilled Isolation Protocol Kickstarter by Corvus Games Terrain. It is a Warlayer compatible product that is a little less “40K” than either the original Warlayer or Corvus’ own “Corvus Sector Prime” line, and more generically sci-fi, which works for me since I’d be mostly likely to be using the pieces with Operation Last Train, Rogue Stars, or something similar.

But of course, nothing suggests to my 3D printer that it should break down like me starting a long project, which is exactly what happened. Further, I managed to get the printer working (sort of ) just in time to run out of filament. So now I’m waiting for new filament to arrive to see if everything works. With each new roll of filament, I have to recalibrate for temperature and possibly re-slice all of the files I want to print, etc.

So long story short, I’m just painting up what I have printed (photo above) and thinking about other things. With the pandemic not getting better, but rather worse in my state, the possibility of gaming with other people in person is diminishing for the near future. A friend has just started an online game of D&D, but sitting in front of a Zoom meeting for three hours just doesn’t sound appealing. But if that’s what is available, I may have to just cope with that.

Otherwise its the solo stuff, which hasn’t been so bad, and perhaps where I should be focusing my hobby efforts these days. More later.

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