Thanksgiving weekend and December plans

From last year, when we actually ate together as a households, plural

My month-long commitment to printing out pieces from Isolation Protocol is coming to a close, and while several technical issues (resulting in my replacing both the heating block and the thermistor) kept the production low, I still managed enough pieces to kit out a densely packed 2′ by 2′ table or a lightly packed 3′ by 3′ one.

So looking to December, I have a couple of conflicting thoughts. The first is to start having a monthly goal for creating and painting terrain. The thought would be to create enough to stock a small gaming table: perhaps four buildings and scatter terrain. I could (he says hopefully) at least print that amount in a month, and maybe even get it painted. I could opt to do a single thematic table (say, using Sacrusmundus’ designs, which don’t really go together each month).

But that’s just one option. The other is to just continue building up something on the more modular systems, like the WarLayer-compatible stuff. Those would be a) easier to store and b) could become something significant in size. Downside? Printing panel after panel is kind of boring.

So I’m ruminating. Like I do. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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