Specifically, when it comes to Patreon, and 3D Printing.

It is possible to be literally spoiled for options out there when it comes to designers, and I’m currently backing seven, which is starting to feel like way too many when, after only a few months, I’m maxing out my hard drive and must now consider moving stuff to portable data storage.

Just as an example, in the last month Dark Realms released their Vladistov tavern, which is huge. WonderWorlds released their modular Drennheim city walls, which is even larger. Sacrusmundus released “Zagat, the Abandoned World-Ship” which has nine thematic pieces of terrain. Dadi Dungeon & Dintorni released a foundry, a ruined farm house, and a low wall and fence set. Gamescape3D released a large ruined building and a sizeable peasant shack.

And that’s not all of them. And that’s not even including the two Kickstarters I backed, or all the rest of the stuff I already own.

Realistically, I can print and paint about four medium-sized terrain pieces a month, presuming no problems with the printer or other extra-hobby crises. For a modular set like WarLayer, I can crank out about sixty to a hundred pieces in a similar amount of time. Any more than that and I begin to feel pressured, I get sloppy, and I stop enjoying it.

So from a financial cost it isn’t a big deal at around $70 a month, but it isn’t a small deal if you figure I’m only printing four pieces at best, and then dropping the rest into storage. So my thought was going into 2021 to look at all of the creators and group them into a) creations I never use, b) creations that are often duplicated by other creators (e.g. all the fantasy buildings), and c) creations I print frequently.

Do any of you have similar issues? How do you handle it? Comments welcome.

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