WonderWorlds Chapel

Continuing along with my fantasy building run, I printed and painted up this chapel by Code2 over at WonderWorlds. I’ll be honest, having finished it, I’m not sure how I feel about it. For one thing, I can’t figure out why the steeple cantilevers out like that. There’s also lots of fiddly little torches that seem like they are going to break off at a moment’s notice. It’s probably why I rushed the paint job a bit, and it shows. This is one of his early pieces, and not officially part of the “Drennheim” roster, which have a little different aesthetic to them.

It’s not a bad piece really, but there’s something I am not vibing with it. Anyhow, the printer jammed on the next piece already, so there’s that.

Comments welcome.


  1. The scale seems off, and stone doesn’t work like that to build towers. Without magic, this building wouldn’t/couldn’t stand on its own. That may be part of the reason you feel weird about it: it’s deeply disconnected from the gravity of its situation.

  2. I didn’t notice how the steeple connected until you pointed it out, but yes that does look off. I guess that’s why I feel like I’d be more comfortable with it in a 40K-like setting, because I could see that style being a thing in science fiction gothic, but as Andrew said above it doesn’t really seem like a thing that would work in medieval or pseudo-medieval times.

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