A is for April Fool

So I’m tackling the April A to Z blog challenge with one supervillain a day using the Union City Heroes ruleset. First off, it’s the vengeful April Fool!

Name: April Fool (Emmalea Baird)
Archtype: Super Scientific
Qualities: Ranged, Expertise, Technology
Stamina: 30+10 for each hero
Stats: Aim 3, Strength 1, Charm 3, Health 2, Speed 2, Agility 3, Intellect 4, Will 4
Powers: Base of Operations 2, Inventive 1, Hinder 1, Versatile Power 2 (Signature Power), Stun 1
Abilities: Adept Creator, Overwhelming Genius

Taken Down: if April Fool is taken down, then she either triggers a hidden trap or it is revealed that the person that the heroes have been fighting has been a robot duplicate all along.

Background: Emmalea Baird’s father was an aspiring supervillain whose first outing resulted in abject defeat at the hands of a wisecracking superhero who humiliated him thoroughly. After, her father was the subject of jokes from late-night hosts for days afterwards and he sunk into a deep depression from which he never recovered. Emmalea spent most of her life watching her father suffer, and swore revenge against the superhero community. She developed her own personality, April Fool, with the goal of making superheroes suffer the same sort of humiliation her father endured. A brilliant inventor and gadgeteer, April Fool specializes in non-lethal attacks and gimmicks intended to leave her opponents helpless and looking ridiculous.

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