B is for Bull Chevik

Name: Fyodor “Bull” Chevik
Archetype: Brawler
Qualities: Melee, Physical, Genetic, Animal
Statistics: Aim 2, Strength 5, Charm 1, Health 4, Speed 2, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Will 2
Stamina: 50+10 per hero
Powers: Superhuman Strength 2, Strike 2 (horns, melee, physical), Tough 2, Regeneration 1
Archetype Abilities: Charge, Sudden burst of violence

Taken Down: if Bull Chevik is taken down, he will immediately gain Burst 1 and Sudden burst of violence with no Point cost (Bull Chevik will slam the ground, etc. causing a shockwave to impact everyone in the panel) and then attempt to flee.

Background: When the Soviet Union was attempting to create their own breed of super-soldier, Chevik was one of the few successes. His genetic code was grafted with that of a bull, creating a living minotaur with superhuman strength and, he discovered over the years, a greatly prolonged life span. After the collapse of communism in the USSR, Chevik found himself out of work and began free-lancing with European organized crime syndicates to attempt to fund his ultimate goal: the re-establishment of a Communist state. He continually will quote political aphorisms and will wear Russian-style military uniforms when operating openly. Despite his lofty ambitions, “Bull” mostly serves as hired muscle for smarter, wealthier, and more successful criminals, including supervillains.

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