C is for Cold Case

Name: Cold case (real name unknown)
Archetype: Blaster
Qualities: Ranged, trained, cold
Stamina: 25+10 per hero
Stats: Aim 5, Strength 2, Charm 3, Health 2, Speed 3, Agility 4, Intellect 4, Will 3
Powers: Quality Mastery 2 (cold), Strike 1, Stealth 1, Transport 1
Archetype Abilities: Kill shot, take the shot
Quirks: Secret Identity

Take Down: If Cold Case is taken down, rather than continue to fight he will claim to have another victim captive and will bargain for his release in return for their safety. How the heroes handle this will be up to them.

Background: Little is known about the serial killer calling himself “Cold Case” aside from his seemingly random murders using his cold-based abilities. Ruthless, cunning, and cruel, Cold Case has been avoiding local and federal authorities and several investigating crime fighters (one of whom may have lost an Anchor to Cold Case’s violence).

Editor’s note: Cold Case is intended to be a “boogeyman” style character whose story plays out over time, rather than just a one-off villain of the month.

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