The first round of survivors

So I’m getting through the first box set from all the Zombicide miniatures, a project that started off strong but then lost a week while I was traveling for work. Most of these figures are covered in detail over at Hard Boiled Zombies, a companion blog to this one, but I thought I would do a “digest” of the work so far.

I have been experimenting with GW Contrast Paints for some of these, which has been a bit of a learning process. There is a certain amount of utility towards them, but you lose some control of the color, etc. They are also not cheap, and I have been considering making my own with acrylic inks, flow improver, and matte medium.

These survivor miniatures, and their zombified counterparts, have been nudging up my painting totals. I have hit my 2018 total (which was made up almost entirely of goblins and skeletons). From there it is 2013’s Vikings and Reiklanders, and then hopefully I’ll surpass even my recent 2020 “trapped inside the quarantine” painting total for 2020. The 2012-era huge totals for painted miniatures are inflated by my “one vehicles equals ten miniatures” ratio that I used at the time, which in hindsight might have been a little disengenuous.

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