The Hellish Seal, pt. 2

I feel like my timing is off when it comes to gaming sessions. We got into one encounter of “The Hellish Seal” and had to stop at the prior gaming session, and then at my most recent gaming session ended up with one single encounter left over at the end. Actually, since the group skipped a couple by opting out of a small side cavern, perhaps not.

In any case, the group explored the mostly-buried mansion, found a small community of over servants and overcame the seal’s two guardians: one by roleplaying and the other by brute force, dumb luck, and perhaps a small bit of GM pity. I feel like sometimes when the XP encounter calculator says “Hard” it sometimes means “Medium” and sometimes means “Deadly” because the Bearded Devil they were facing (4 PC’s with an APL of 2) could’ve mopped the floor with them if I had used its resistance to non-magical weapons.

But at this point in the game, the group has been ambushed by an assassin sent to make sure they fail to retrieve the seal, and have retreated back in to the manse in hopes of using the terrain to their advantage. Stay tuned…

One comment

  1. The story feels good though and you’ve got the right kind of encounters going. I recommend a book, “the monsters know what they’re doing” if you want them to be more at risk on each encounter.

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