Artist’s depiction. Not to scale.

Okay, not a flood. A bunch of floods, caused by backed up sewer drains, cracked foundations, rain storms, and the odd bit of cat urine. All in my basement, and a lot by the large bookshelf that holds most of my roleplaying games. Today I had decided I might do a bit of culling of the collection and get rid of some really useless stuff, and in the process looked at the bottom shelf. I could say I wish I hadn’t, but honestly the damage had been done, and likely some time ago. Most of the books on the bottom shelf had significant water damage and a lot of mildew, which meant they were a complete loss.

Significant losses include Cyberpunk 2020, DC Heroes Third Edition, Alternity, Cosmic Enforcers, Mutants & Masterminds, and Hero Games 4th Edition (the Big Blue Book). That last one hits me the hardest, since I have so many great memories of playing that game almost non-stop through college. DC Heroes Third Edition was one of those rare finds that took me forever, as was Cyberpunk 2020 but now that game has been reprinted.

Most of these I will not be replacing, but I may keep my eye out for another BBB, just to have.


  1. Damn brother. So sorry to hear this. If you want I will ask around for a BBB. I come across them every once in a while in my travels.

  2. Damn. That’s rotten in more ways than one. I’m sorry. I don’t know what BBB is, but if you expand the acronym, I’ll keep an eye out. We have a bunch of good used bookstores around here.

    • Andrew, it stands for “Big Blue Book,” the rulebook for Champions you and I used incessantly in college. It has remained a favorite for me (despite having been chewed up by rules lawyers on the internet, prompting a series of increasingly complicated sequels)

  3. I seem to remember someone trying to get a power limitation, “doesn’t work if they have just drunk milk” approved by the GM.

    So one example out there that *never* occurred to me was how under-valued CON was, since it not only affected your Recovery and Stun base numbers, but when you were “stunned” by overwhelming damage as well. Apparently players out there used to crank it way up there.

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