A match made in Hades

Ghorza, as I see her. Art by Bayard Wu.

I have realized that I am behind in my D&D campaign journaling. After surviving the assassin they encountered in the second half of “The Hellish Seal,” the PC’s were invited to attend the wedding of Morxius and Ghorza and discover who is trying to scuttle the wedding. The session, the first part of “A Match made in Hades” is less of a dungeon crawl and more of a murder mystery without the murder (yet). That is a genre I haven’t seen much of in D&D, and was heavily inspired by one of my favorite modules, “The Assassin’s Knot” (L2, the sequel to “The Secret of Bone Hill”). With only the odd monster cropping up, mostly as a tool for the unknown villain, the session was dominated by roleplaying and intra-party conversation about who the culprit might be.

And there are a lot of options: the groom’s butler, who disapproves of the marriage; the bride’s cousin, who might have some questions about succession of the tribe; the bride’s best friend, who might be holding a (metaphorical torch), just to mention a few. Likely “A Match” will wrap up in one more session, just in time for the PC’s to hit the Level 3 benchmark and see a big shift in players as several of the participants head back to college. We will see…

In other news, from my previous post about my discovery of several wrecked roleplaying games in my basement, eBay has provided for me a replacement of the most tragic of the losses at a reasonable price. And of course now I want to play it…

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