Wonder Worlds: I got them

So when Code2 started his Patreon for Ulvheim-inspired terrain pieces, I decided to do something different and opt in at the merchant level because, quite honestly, it was a remarkly low priced tier, almost the same as some basic memberships in similar Patreons. My thought was not to go into serious business but instead just crank out the odd piece to sell locally through gaming stores, etc.

And then the quarantine hit and people are not loitering in gaming stores and I never really got around to doing anything with the license. But recently Code2 asked about merchant license websites because some people were selling stuff without a license, and lacking somewhere else to direct people, gave him this address.

So I don’t know if I’ll be setting up some sort of store or occasionally posting a pic of a terrain piece that I intend to sell, or what. If you are interested in something from his collection, let me know and I’ll try to work out a fair price. I’m not looking to pay the rent here, just keep me in filament and bronze printer nozzles.


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