New Toys

I didn’t really need a second 3D printer; I have been focusing on more scratchbuilding these days. But when a FlashForge Adventurer 3 showed up being sold by an online acquaintance so cheaply I wondered if it was stolen, I took a chance.

So let’s get through the two big downsides to this guy: the print bed is quite a bit smaller (150 cm by 150 cm, versus the Ender 3’s 220 cm by 220 cm bed), and the filament rolls are only half a kilo in weight. You can thread the regular-sized filament rolls into the machine, but then the roll is outside the machine on a roller you will have to manufacture.

The upsides:
It is incredibly quiet, so much more than the Ender 3. It also has a bluetooth/wireless option, a built-in camera, a huge online data storage capacity, and can print files from the cloud. There is a filament sensor so it will shut off when it notices that it is running out, and can easily pick back up again when you reload the filament. So far, the only problems I have had with it are from human error.
So now I have a printer up in the craft room quietly humming away while the older one is downstairs in the basement printing out the larger, longer-term prints.

Speaking of prints, I opted to back yet another modular dungeon Kickstarter, specifically Kraken 3D’s, “Fantasy Dungeons.” I had backed an earlier product from them, their OpenLock-compatible sci-fi pieces, but these are different from similar modular fantasy dungeons in that they are whole hallway and rooms, rather than just separate floor tiles and walls (e.g. Printable Scenery’s “Rampage” line).

Now that is inherently limiting, with no options for curved walls or diagonal walls or weird-shaped polygonal rooms. But right now I am looking at Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir (WHAT), which is a solo game from Two Hour Wargames (makers of All Things Zombie, which I’ve enjoyed for years) and the game has a random dungeon generator that uses a deck of playing cards. You don’t even need dungeon terrain to do it, but being able to just throw down hallways and rooms willy-nilly sounds fun.

But also, I think there is a way to do some simple dungeons with a print setup like this and then one one or two special rooms from scratch. From my earlier “dungeons to scale” post, I could see doing something along those lines. Plus there is something charmingly old-school about 20′ by 20′ square rooms and right-angle hallways. I feel like I could create an entire copy of the “Caves of Chaos” from Keep on the Borderlands.

I realized a bit ago that I had actually not published a post that I thought I had, so there is a small gap, so to speak, in the blog right now. Nothing major, just a thread of thought that I had believed I had shared. I’m going to polish up that post shortly and get it posted, so keep an eye out for that.

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