A tiefling paladin and four orcs

A two-parter today, mostly to show off finally getting some miniatures painted. The first is actually a tiefling rogue from WizKids, but my daughter is off at college and has immediately hooked up with a D&D group, and in that campaign she’s playing a tiefling paladin. Sadly, there are few tiefling paladin minis out there (the best bet is resin prints purchased on Etsy) so I just went with a rogue, painted it up for her, and will be including it in the next care package. The paladin’s name is “Raja Tariro.”

The orcs are, if you can’t tell, some old Games Workshop models. The last batch, some archers, seemed really dark, but this batch, painted in the Plaguebearer contrast paint, seem too light to me (the photo is also a little bright). But since they are just going to be thugs in my Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir game, I’m not too broken up about it. I’m happier I got five more miniatures painted, and are back on that groove.

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