The Last Stand

When is “The Last Stand” the first thing? When it is the free sample from Lv427 Designs. I love a product geared towards simplicity these days, and Lv427’s sci-fi themed tile-wall-terrain combo that prints in a single piece and is compatible with the entirety of the rest of their range is quite a contrast from the more modular, customizable, but labor-intensive stuff from WarLayer, etc.

What’s more, each tile is pretty inexpensive in-and-of itself, plus you can get one, two, or four tile rooms to flesh out all the single tile corridors. Each tile is six inches square, so 36 tiles will get you not only a good sized spaceship, space station, factory, or hive city, but will also cover a table nicely for a game of Operation Last Train, Hardwired (or whatever it is called now), or Five Parsecs from Home.

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