The Charnel Pit

I started a new major arc in my D&D campaign, using the kernel of an idea I read online about focusing on gnolls and their god Yeenoghu. I’m calling it “The Hunger,” and the idea is that the PC’s find themselves pitted against the world-destroying dreams of Yeenoghu and his minions on the Prime Material Plane.

The story begins with the PC’s stumbling across a village, called Nix, in ruins, its citizens apparently hauled away, although a few corpses remain. One of those corpses is being fed upon by a hyena, who transforms into a gnoll before their eyes. Following the train from the village to a small ritualistic site where gnolls are transforming hyenas into gnolls. The heroes put the entire place to the sword, ending their practice in the area.

Following this, the players head to Fort Kellum, a nearby community, only to find it under siege by followers of Yeenoghu….

I don’t know if we can sustain something this ambitious, but time will tell…

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