The Siege of Fort Kellum

Okay, maybe it wasn’t this dramatic

My D&D campaign mega-arc “The Hunger” continued onto its next chapter “The Siege of Fort Kellum” with the PC’s making it to their original destination only to find it besieged by gnolls, the same creatures who had wiped out the village of Nix and had created the charnel pit in which to spawn more of their brethren.

This adventure session was basically made up of a bunch of connected encounters, depending on where the PC’s decide to deploy themselves in defense of the fort: the walls, the courtyard, the hospital, even sabotaging the siege engines of the enemy. Each scenario had its own goal, and its own reward which could be used later in the adventure. For example, sabotaging the siege engine buys the the defenders more time, allowing the PC’s to take a long rest if necessary.

It was a good session, albeit a brief one. An unrelated discussion arose on when or if we might switch to another game. I have been running D&D for a bit now, and have enough ideas to last easily into the next year, but as is often the case get the itch to do something different. I have considered the possibility of doing a quick one-shot of something different, just to “scratch the itch” and then return back to the D&D game. I was pleased to pick up another player, one that hopefully will be able to play often.

Comments welcome!

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  1. It’s usually worthwhile to try and run a story arc so you can make a go/no go choice after an arc. Leaves a good time for one shot to cleanse the palette between arcs/chapters.

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