The Siege of Fort Kellum concluded

The heroes defend the fort’s temple which is serving as a hospital
A desperate attempt to get citizens to safety through an underground tunnel

So in what it become a disconcerting trend on Friday night game sessions, when push came to shove only two of my players showed up. The previous time this happened I cancelled the session, but the alternating Saturday morning session was also cancelled, so it was a good month between gaming sessions so on with the show!

With a tortle monk and a dwarf druid making up the entirety of the gaming party, it was lucky that Fort Kellum had a small retinue of competent NPC’s to help round out (and regularly heal up) the group. Two players (and tuned down encounters) meant things went really quickly for the evening, and while I enjoyed my time with the people who could make it, I was disappointed more did not.

But off into the mountains the heroes go, whichever heroes are able to show up.


  1. I think the stars are right for this to happen. My gaming groups are a bit erratic right now with one that has gone on hiatus till the new year. Might be worthwhile polling interest and/or availability again? My other group is looking to move days…..

    • The holidays always jack people’s schedules up, especially in a college town where a lot of kids (and adults) travel, either to visit people or go back home. Plus work schedules change, etc. There’s one or two other things on the horizon that will likely have a big impact as well, but that’s likely the topic of my next blog post.

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