Zephyr, half-elf courier

“Female Elf Rogue” by Pathfinder Miniatures

The second in my series of PC miniatures for my D&D game is “Zephyr,” who is played by my daughter. She’s always good for a complex character concept and this one is no different. Zephyr is built as a rogue, but conceptually is a mail carrier or courier in the pseudo-medieval realm of Aestel. While Zephye was introduced as a person bearing a letter for the party, she has decided to stick around with them on their adventures, usually serving as a melee skirmisher rather than a ranged sniper.

As contrast paint jobs go, I’m pretty happy with this one.


  1. Reminds me a bit of the red caps in ars magica. An order the mages that their jobs is to carry messages and news and keep the orders connected.
    It’s a great way to feed adventures to the party…..

    • She was introduced to the party as a way of connecting them to their new NPC patron, and her player is one of the more story/roleplaying types in the campaign, so I’m excited about the potential there.

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