The Demi-lich

So this guy has a bit of a story. The junior/senior high school in which I work as part of a side-gig has a ton of students who are into Dungeons & Dragons. In fact it is likely the largest club/sports/activity group in the school. Each year the school has a “Renaissance Day” where instead of attending regular classes, you can attend one-shot classes on everything from the history of rock n’ roll to Tolkein Elvish language. These are taught by both students and teachers alike, and one kid from the D&D club always runs a session during Renaissance Day as a way to a) sneak in a gaming session, and b) attract new people. One of the students running a gaming session decided to run “The Tomb of Horrors” (of all things) and asked me if I could supply him with the miniatures necessary to do so. The adventure has a surprisingly small roster of monsters, relying more on traps and the like, so I was able to go through my files and find sometime similar enough to be useful for most of the monsters he would need.

This include a demi-lich, a mummy, a giant skeleton, gargoyles, an ooze, snakes, and a vrock, all of which I was able to paint up over the weekend and get the demi-lich painted for good measure. A simple paint job for a mini without a lot of fine detail, but it works (and gets me another point on the total for the year). I’d like to take a crack at the bone giant; perhaps I will print another?

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